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Islamic Trade Finance

  • PIBAS Islamic Trade Finance System integrates the Import and Export facilities with Musharakah and Murabaha against trade documents. It provides faster Deal Turnaround due to Parameterization and complete Audit and Control, and maintains proper Import and Export sessions for the user to easily deal with the client.

    Salient Features and Benefits:

    • Bills for Collection / Letters of Credit (Murabaha/ Wakalah)   Maintenance
    • Trust Receipt (Murabaha) Maintenance
    • Bank Guarantee/ Shipping Guarantee Maintenance
    • Dynamic Deal Parameterization
    • Template Facility
    • Vastly Improved Service Level
    • Ability to Work from Remote Sites / Branches
    • Powerful Enquiries and Reports
    • Real Time Data Extraction Facility Across the System
    • User Friendly, Multi-Currency and Multi-Branch
    • Online SWIFT / Telex Message Generation
    • Fully Automates all Voucher Generation in different Trade processes
    • Online Voucher / Receipt Printing and Re-printing
    • Audit and Control and MIS Reports
    • Provides Combined or Split Limit Allocation
    • Instrument Monitoring
    • Inflow and Outflow Documents Tracking
    • Auto Computation of Charges with Override Facility
    • Online Instruments Generation and Printing
    • Maintains Commodities, Special Instructions, Clauses and Documents Associated with Instruments
    • Automated Interest Calculation / Posting
    • Letter of Credit Amendment History
    • Can be interfaced with other Core Banking Applications

















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