Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services

DNS Invigilator Service

DNS Invigilation service ranges from written to computerized exams. Our service will be capable of proctoring and managing exams in huge quantity with great efficiency. DNS prioritizes in quality therefore it provides top notch and over the top services. We have two types of invigilation packages.

  • Fully outsourced recruitment - DNS will have the ability to manage entire exams staffing procedure. Our skilled and efficient management makes it possible to manage the whole system very smoothly. All that is needed is the exam dates, and we will do the rest.
  • Managing the Existing pool - DNS will have the right amount of expertise and resources to manage the existing pool of invigilators of a given company. DNS has the technological advances to manage the invigilators by software and other management systems.

We will have two categories of invigilators and they are:

  • Senior Invigilator - DNS Senior Invigilators will lead the team of invigilators in conducting exams, ensuring that all regulatory requirements for the conduct of examinations are strictly adhered to.
  • General Invigilators - DNS General Invigilators will ensure a calm environment which will give the candidates the best possible opportunity to be successful in their exams. They ensure that the conduct of the exam takes place within the guidelines set down by JCQ.

































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