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Corporate MVAS Products

Mobile VAS (Corporate MVAS Products)

Corporate Services:

We have designed our corporate services targeted towards those kinds of the business organizations who want to enhance their customer/stakeholder relationship, increase business flexibility, and enable latent business policies and to help create awareness and added values to their customers. We have designed a direct approach for promoting our corporate Services. The direct marketing approach is provided in brief later on. Our corporate services includes

    • General Info (Push and Pull Service): Here the corporate promotes our code and their customer can gain information regarding that company by sending SMS to us. We keep a database of answers relevant to a list of inquiry codes. Currently we are affiliated with Hair life, Walton, Saif Power tech.

    • Piracy Guard: We provide authenticity for products.

    • Special offer and promotion: We are affiliated with Berger to promote their offers and contact their stakeholders via message and send greetings to their customers.

    • Event: Event Notification Service

    • Retailer’s stock request Alert: This service is designed for supply chain oriented businesses where the retailers could send message for stock request and the principal can also send information about new product info and inquire stock report. This can be used as a two way communication between manufacturers and retailers.

    • Reservation service: We can provide sms reservation services for Hotels, motels, airlines, buses, trains and restaurants. 

    • Delivery Status Alert: This service is specially designed for courier service providers and delivery related business

    • SMS Banking: SMS banking is a fully fledged banking solution designed for the convenience of the bank customers. We are currently in the process of affiliation with Prime Bank Ltd. and Dhaka Bank Ltd. and are vigorously marketing for penetration to other renowned Banks. A wide range of services falls under this category.
      • Installment Reminder
      • Account Balance Inquiry
      • Product/Service Info
      • Official Notice
      • SMS Marketing
      • Banking Transaction Alert
      • Interest rate change Alerts
      • Due Alerts
      • Other On demand services

    • Push Service: We provide Push SMS and Bulk SMS solutions to local and overseas clients at highly lucrative rates. We can send targeted SMS to the local Clients from our SMS gateway and we can send to 700 Telco Operators all over the world.

    • Customized Solution: We have adroit team of Programmers, system admin, Database admin and testing team to successfully deploy any feasible requirement of client if requested.
        • SMS Based Customer Support Management System
        • Broker solution
        • Piracy Guard
        • SMS Based Inventory Management System
        • Sales/Order Tracking Management
        • Insurance Solution
        • SMS based Hospital Management
        • Parcel Tracking
        • Sales Force Monitoring
        • Reservation system
        • Web integration
        • General Info and Specific Info

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