Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services

DNS Event Management Services

DNS Event Management Solution is such a service by which the company seeks to provide its valued clients with optimum solutions for successfully undertaking any event or efficiently seeing through any important occasion. Organizing a successful exam center can be a overwhelming and time-consuming task. Selecting the venue, transportation, accommodation, exam rooms, water, security and cleaning are the key criteria. The DNS team will source the perfect options and arrange everything from transport to security, ensuring that all attendees are positioned safely and on time. Nothing is to be left on chance, and that is the DNS standard of operation. The aim of DNS is to come in under budget and provide the client with a flawless exam that will demonstrate DNS's commitment to the event.

DNS Event Management team would operate keeping on mind the following activities:

  • Only approved Examiners, testing candidates, Administrators, representatives of Testing Service and individuals that are approved for administering accommodations are present in the exam room during testing.
  • Candidates' identification is checked, prior to the actual test session.
  • Appropriate accommodations are given to candidates with documented disabilities (if applicable).
  • Administrative policies are explained prior to testing: Examples-Food/drink, head coverings, coats, cell phones/pagers or other electronic devices; Leaving the testing room - before and after finishing a test.
  • Candidates' seating is staggered to preclude copying or collaboration.
  • Only items given out by the examiner(s)/proctors are on the desk
  • Implementation of local marketing initiatives (e.g., posters, banners, and signage) is evident.

DNS Event Management solution provides the following services for the smooth function of an Examination:

Security services

  • Guards will have academic qualification of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) qualified.
  • Military/Civil background
  • Minimum 5'  5" in height
  • With 3 to 5 years' experience on similar duties.
  • Able to converse in English and will meet functional needs of basic communication.
  • Well turned out, smart and presentable.
  • 24/7 Control Room Service
  • 24-hour Help Centre

Cleaning services

  • First sweeping and then mopping all the floors with chlorine or similar required chemicals.
  • Bleaching and later flushing of all toilets
  • Cleaning Mirrors in all Toilets
  • Emptying of all waste bins and disposal of waste matters. All Bins to be washed out with detergent and water at least every three month. The bins will be placed dried before putting back in the office.

Transportation services

  • The right number of experienced drivers, dispatchers, admin support, plus operations management and equipment service technicians.
  • We provide the HR services and expertise.
  • 24-hour customer support and onboard equipment technology as required.
  • No investment on client's part; our financing solutions reduce clients costs.

Branding services

  • Banner & Billboard Design
  • Design & Printing
  • Print ad
  • Bi-lingual Flyer
  • Sticker
  • Branded glass
  • Brochure
  • Exits
  • Rules
  • Toilets
  • Lost and Found
  • Water
  • First aid posts
  • Security
  • No Smoking

Water supply

  • Supply of clean water
  • Clear directional signage to water



























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