Solution for Bank

Core Banking

Solution For Bank (Core Banking)

Salient Features

  • Real Time

It is a truly on-line real time system. The system applies the financial and non-financial transactions instantaneously.

  • Modular but Integrated 

The system has been designed in modular fashion with each module performing specific set of functions through its own set of programs but at the same time duly integrated and interacting with other modules.

  • Parameter Driven

e-nhance is a parameter driven system. Parameterization allows tailoring of the system to suit the user’s needs without system/program modifications.

  • Menu Driven
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Branch
  • Value Dating:

e-nhance provides value-dating facility enabling to affect an account either at a future date or at a past date.

  • Interest

Interest can be calculated in e-nhance on the basis of Base Rate, optionally defined at the system level for debit and credit interests.

  • Interest Types

Two types of interest rates are allowed in e-nhance, both at Account Type Level and at Individual Account Level.

    • Ordinary/Normal

Rates will be applicable on the whole balance except in case of credit interest users are allowed to feed a Base Amount,   below which interest will not be accrued.

    • Tiered:

Two types of tiered interest rates each having ten slabs are provided

      • Tiered Split Balance:

Mostly applicable in case of debit interest

      • Tiered Whole Balance:

Mostly applicable in case of credit interest

  • Interest Accrual

Interest accrual is done daily & the accrual figures are reflected in the profit & loss account on a daily basis

  • Interest Posting Frequency

In case of movement account the interest posting frequency is extremely flexible allowing the customer to post the interest on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The customer can choose any day of the month or quarter or half year or year for interest posting purpose

  • Interest Nominated Accounts

For interest posting purposes the customer can nominate another account in which interest to be posted both for debit and credit interest         

  •  Revaluation

Foreign currency revaluation is done daily in order to reflect accurate profitability on daily basis

  • Automatic With-Holding Tax Deduction

A fully transparent and parameter driven withholding tax deduction mechanism facilitates deduction of withholding tax from customer account and payment to the Government authorities

  • With-holding Tax Exemption Amount

A threshold minimum amount could be specified on which no withholding tax could be deducted

  • Apportioning of Int. Earned in Advance

In applications where interest is earned in advance, like LBD, the apportioning is done on a daily basis and reflected in profit and loss account and statement

  • User Designed Formats like:
    • Debit / Credit Vouchers
    • Term Deposit Receipt
    •  Term Loan Advice
    • Term Deposit Confirmation Advice
    •  Term Loan Confirmation Advice
    •  Transaction Advice
    •  Interest Rate Change Advice
    •  FX Buying / Selling Customer Receipt
    •  Banker’s Cheque / Pay Order
    •  Demand Draft
    •  Mail Transfer, etc
  • Online Real Time Printing of:
    • Debit / Credit Vouchers
    • Term Deposit Receipt
    • Term Loan Advice
    • IBCA
    • IBDA
    • Banker’s Cheque
    • Demand Draft
    • Deal Tickets
    • Money Market Deal Confirmation Advice
    • FX Deal Confirmation Advice
    • FX Buying / Selling Customer Receipt etc.
    • Elaborate Mechanism of Different Charges at Account Level
    • Profitability by Account / Customer
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