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Solution For Bank (Core Banking)

Islamic Banking (MURABAHA)

  • Murabaha Module effectively manages Investment Portfolio for commodity financing and provides fully automated voucher generation at all stages of Murabaha life cycle. Besides fulfilling the requirements of international banking it also caters for Islamic mode of financing. It is fully integrated with Core Banking Modules like Collateral Management, Business Relationship, Account Management and Financial Transactions.

    Salient Features and Benefits      

    • Tools to Monitor and Control Risks Standardization and Reliability of All Financial Calculations
    • Automated Voucher Generation throughout Murabaha Cycle
    • Parameterized Products of Murabaha to Create Variety of Products
    • Tools to Monitor Performance of Credit and Recovery Officers
    • Complete Follow-up on Cases in Litigation
    • Dynamic MIS Report Generation
    • Complete Murabaha Cycle Maintenance including Application submission, Sanction, Re-sanction, Agreement, Discard, Reject, Disbursement, Repayment and Charges posting
    • Flexible Schedule Generation
    • Early Termination, Partial Payments, Early Payments Facilities
    • Rescheduling and Restructuring of Murabaha
    • Remission Schemes Management
    • Waiver/Write-off Management
    • Enhances Charges Management with Concept of Charges Receivable
    • Classification of Accounts and Risk Management
    • Flexible & Dynamic Document Generation
    • Letters Management
    • Legal Notifications and Reminder Notices
    • Appraisal Report
    • Agreements
    • Proposal Summary and Offer Letters
    • Any Documents desired by Customer Bank using flexible Document Generator

















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