Mobile VAS

Mobile VAS (CRBT and WAP)


CRBT Stands for Caller Ring Back Tone. These are basically music files which are selected and set by the mobile subscribers according to their choice. Once a CRBT is set, the caller would hear the CRBT whenever he/she calls that subscriber.
We currently affiliated with the largest number of music production houses within Bangladesh and Abroad, approximately 28 companies in our portfolio with a database of more than 15000 Songs Bengali, English and Hindi. We are providing CRBT contents to the following Operators

  • Robi
  • Banglalink
  • Airtel
  • Citycell
  • Teletalk


We are also providing Songs to GP Music Radio and other music and video contents to Citycell Web Portal.



Content Based Service

WAP Content is in essence, any type or 'unit' of digital information places onto WAP sites. It can be text, image, graphics, video, sound, document, record etc - or in other words - anything that is likely to be managed in an electronic format.


Types of Content

  • Wallpaper
  • Animation
  • Poly tone
  • True tone
  • MP3 tone
  • Video
  • Theme
  • Game


We are currently Providing WAP contents for

  • (for GP Users)
  • (for Robi Users)





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