Sister Concern

Our Sister Concern


The DNS Group is glad to represent herself as The One-Stop Solution Provider along with the collaboration of her companies and their operations in various sectors. Having number of business in diversified arena...

1. DNS SatComm Ltd. (a joint venture with Government of Bangladesh): VSAT, VSAT Hub related Data & Internet connectivity, ATM, POS Terminal and International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) etc.

2. Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd. (a joint venture with Multinet, Cyprus who is operating in 18 countries of the world as WiMax service provider): Radio Link, Fiber Optic related Data & Internet connectivity etc.

3. DNS Software Ltd. (a joint venture with Cletis, BVI): Customized Software, Offshore Outsourcing Task, Mobile Content Management, Core Banking Solution, EMV Migration, Switching Software etc.

4. BRAC BDMail (a joint venture with BRAC, Bangladesh): Internet connectivity.

5. DNS Diagnostic & Telemedicine Ltd. (an agent/partner of Global Hospital, India): Health care consultancy.










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