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Solution For Bank (Core Banking)

Islamic Banking (IJARAH)

  • Ijarah, one of the allied products of PIBAS Shariah suite of banking applications, provides a comprehensive platform to cater for both Financial and Operational types of leasing, covering both single and fleet cases. Like most of the other products in the PIBAS e-nhance suite, it is fully integrated with the Core Banking Modules.


    • Parameterization facilitates the user banks to tailor the product according to their requirements
    • Enhances Operational Efficiency
    • Provides Tools to Monitor and Control Risks
    • Improves Customer Service
    • Enables Standardization & Reliability of All Financial Calculations
    • Fully Automates All Voucher Generation at Different Stages of Lease Cycle
    • Provides Tools to Monitor Performance of:
      • Credit Officers
      • Recovery Officers
      •  Account Officers
    • Empowers the User to Generate MIS Reports Through Dynamic Report Generation Facility
    • Facilitates Management of Loans Through Dynamic Document Generation Facility


    • Along with Business Relationship and Account Management, this System Could be Interfaced with any application system
    • Business Centric Information of Borrower and Guarantor, etc
    • Multi Branch
    • Single and Fleet Cases Handling
    • Makes Available Non-financial Information for Marketing and Tracking
    • Provides Cushion / Grace Period for Rentals/Repayments
    • Facilitates Proposal Generation:
      • Specific to a Particular Customer
      • General Proposals
    • Provides Facility to Categorize Asset to be Leased
    • Covers Full Takaful / Insurance Life Cycle of the Lease
    • Provides Facilities for:
      • Dealer Management
      • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Maintenance
      • Generation of Schedule (Annuity Based, Staggered)
    • Maintains Delivery Schedule for the Leased / Rented Asset
    • Provides Check List of Documents Required
    • Facilitates Early Termination or Partial Payment
    • Gives Elaborated Life Cycle of Lease from Prospect State
    • Provides Facility for Application Submission and Processing
    • Facilitates Proposal Generation
    • Generates Contracts
    • Assists in Disbursement and Delivery of Leased / Rented Asset
    • Permits Rental Through Post Dated Cheques
    • Allows Advance Rental Repayments
    • Automates Rental Deductions
    • Provides Facilities for Termination and Repossession etc
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