Web and Software Development

Web and Software Development

Our Core Market

We commonly divide our market into two broad categories

Outsourced Market

We focus on foreign firms, who are willing to outsource for their IT needs such as web Design/development, maintenance, project management, software/application development and such. We focus on two types of Firms

  • IT Firms:We offer Offshore Development Partnerships with Software firms.
  • Non IT Firms:We provide web development and software application solutions based on the customized requests of any type of firm venturing in any specific industry, whether it is simple fast food chain to retail shops to portals such as job sites, social community sites, real estate sites etc. We have provides services to numerous clients who lacks it skills. We turned their web dream into reality and branding through the internet.

Local Market

In the local market we have developed a loyal customer base for our mobile content services and our self-maintained portals. On the other hand we have developed a solid client base with the promising Banking sector by providing solution with their IST Switching needs; SMS based services through our Corporate Communication Platform (CCP); and Online Payment Facilities Using our Online Payment Solution(Epay) to buy from our in house developed E-commerce Shopping mall.
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