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Signature Verification System

  • Signature Verification system provides facilities for complete Scanning, Linking, Maintaining, and Deleting of Signatures and Photographs for any accounts. All pertinent information of a signatory, required, to ascertain the authenticity of the instrument under review, is provided in the system.


    • Improves Operational efficiency and productivity through front and back office verification capability
    • Enhances customer service due to instantaneous access
    • Prevent/Reduces Frauds due to Forged Signatures

    The System Comprises of two Sub-Modules

    • System Management

    It includes system settings, branch maintenance, account and signatory management, user management, logging, security and reports.

    • Sign View Server

    The system which facilitates online real time viewing of signatures’ information along with signatures and photographs, for any account by any authorized users, both for intra branch and inter branch transactions.

    Salient Features:

    • True client server technology is the framework for complete integration
    • Works independent of RDBMS engines, like Oracle, MS SQL Server
    • Can enhance operational efficiency of any financial and/or non-financial institution where signature and/or photograph authentication and verification is required
    • Provides Comprehensive security at database, system, and user level
    • Logging mechanism enables reporting of all activities
    • Provides Zooming and Compression facilities
    • Thumbnail Impression facilities viewing of multiple signatures at a glance
    • Links a signature to different accounts, If required
    • Retrieves signature within couple of seconds
    • Shows certified Signatures only to prevent frauds
    • Accommodates 4000 signatures/10 MB (Under recommended settings)


    • A/C & Signatory Added/Deleted Report
    • A/C & Signatory Modified Report
    • Users Added/Deleted Report
    • List of Signatories
    • Certified Signatory Report
    • Modified Signatory Report
    • Pending Signatory Report
    • Rejected Signatory Report, etc

    System Settings

    Being a flexible system certain parameters must be defined during system setup, there are:

    • Account Format, Size and Style

    The length of A/C Number, the breakdown of that number etc is to be specified during setup

    • Classification

    Classification is also independent of A/c Mode. It means user can identify at the time addition and/or update what classification is to be used, i.e. Single, Multiple or Joint

    • Data Base Being Used

    The RDBMS engine to be used by he system also has to be defined

    • Compatibility

    It can be interfaced with any System


    • All possible measures have been taken to make the system safe and secure
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