Solution for Bank

Core Banking

Solution For Bank (Core Banking)

Application areas

  • General Ledger
    • Multi level chart of accounts
    • Multi currency GL accounts
    • Hierarchical cost centers
    • Employees linked with cost centers
    • Voucher/Multiple debit & credit from single screen
    • Account Inquiry with updated balances
    • Voucher transactions review
    • MIS Reporting
    • Trial balance
      • Value date/transaction date
      • Before year end and after year end
      • At all levels of account
      • Daily trial balance generation
  • Budgeting
  • Detail Statement -  Account Wise / Employee Wise / Cost Centre Wise
  • Voucher/Transaction List for any given date range
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Powerful Soft Closing facility
  • Security

A comprehensive security module prevents unauthorized access to the system and logs every activity. To enhance the security, optionally a finger print module has also been provided. A flexible Role definition facility has been provided which enhances operational efficiency to define any Users. Beside while defining a new user, an existing user’s profile can be used as a template and be modified according to the privileges being given to the new user. To prevent fraudulent alterations in the reports, all the reports are fully encrypted and can be viewed and printed through the Viewer utility provided by the system.

  • Centralized Limits

An extensive and flexible centralized limits application, monitoring and control mechanism enables the bank to define the limits at account level, product level, customer level and group level.

  • Reconciliation

A comprehensive reconciliation module has been provided to reconcile the following:

  • Inter Branch Transactions
  • Nostro Accounts
  • ATM/POS/Credit Card Transactions
  • Central Bank Transactions
  • MIS and Central Bank Returns
    • Comprehensive Management Information reports are  available from the system for all the modules of the system
    • Generates various reports that fulfils the Central Banks requirements
    • Parameterized report generation allows flexibility to cater for changing requirements of Central Banks
    • Application Assistant that provides helps and tips at various stages of application usage and provides interactivity to the user
    • Online Central Bank Reporting facility is also available

Returns for any country where e-nhance will be implemented in future, would be made available within 3-6 months of the first installation in that country.

  • Account Management
  • A comprehensive facility to open and maintain an account, define and/or change interest rate, etc.
    • Current Accounts

Any customer movement account where transaction posting is permitted through transactions posting function, can be considered a ‘Current Account’ by PIBAS Plus. Both debit/ or credit interest are allowed in Current Accounts.

    • Savings Accounts

Savings Account can be same as Current Accounts or by specifying certain special conditions the user can make them exclusively Savings Account, e.g. Interest to be calculated on minimum monthly balance, non-checking account, etc.

  • Financial Transactions

It provides facilities to input, supervise, review and cancel single and multiple entry financial transactions, both in local and foreign currency.

  • Deposits Management

A total solution to manage all types of deposits including call and short term deposits, term deposits, deposit certificates, etc.

  • Remittances

A parameterized Remittances module facilitates issuance of Banker’s Cheque / Pay Orders, Demand Drafts, Telex Transfers and Mail Transfers within 60 seconds.

  • Standing Order/Instructions
    • A powerful Standing Order module enhances the operational efficiency of the Bank’s staff.
    • Frequency of standing instructions can be defined daily, weekly monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly
    • Specified Amount: Transfers the specified amount only
    • Over Specified Amount: Transfers the amount over the specified amount
    • Full Amount with out Reversal: Transfers the entire amount
    • Full Amount with Reversal: It is a reverse action of “Full Amount with out Reversal”
  • Teller and Currency Denomination Management
    • Denominations for any Currency can be specified
    • Handles all cash transactions automatically
    • Records teller activities and movements of cash including denominations throughout the day
    • Provides Teller status and Summary
  • Cheque Management
  • A comprehensive and effective Cheque Management system has made the system much more secure. It provides facilities:
    • To maintain stock of cheque books
    • To flag cheque No. already en-cashed
    • To stop a cheque or a series of cheques
  • Holds and Liens

Multiple holds are allowed in a single account whereby the system puts those amounts in reserve and blocking the withdrawal of funds seamlessly. Liens can be marked against a Term Deposit Deal, in case it has been used as Collateral for allowing Loans and Advances to the customer.

  •  Payment Systems

PIBAS Plus also includes a module for remittances integrated with the main system. The module caters for issuance of Banker’s Cheques/Pay Orders, Demand Drafts, Telex Transfers, Mail Transfers in any currency, re-printing of demand draft, cancellation, marking of lost reported, issuance of duplicate draft, etc. Banker’s cheques are issued in local/base currency only.

  • Clearing System

Inward and outward clearing can be realized on a single click and the system will mark the Outward Clearing Return automatically and the charges will be debited from customers account. Inward and outward clearing can be tracked by the reports available in the system.

  • Code Line Clearing / Electronic Fund Transfer (CCL/ETF/BOPCUS)

PIBAS Code Line Clearing / Electronic Fund Transfer Module provide Fund transfer from an account to account without the conventional paper instruments or electronically by using Telephone, computer or electronic terminal.

  • Bank Charges

A flexible, generalized and parameter driven ‘Bank Charges Module’ is available within PIBAS Core. The main features / facilities provided in this module are:

    •  Charges can be defined at Module / Function / Sub-function or Transaction levels
    • Within each of these categories, multiple sets of charges of each type are available
    • Account level charges can be defined and maintained
    • The charges can be defined and deducted on absolute amount/Percentage Bases
    • Certain Accounts/Account Types can be exempted
    • Offline Charges
    • Monthly Incidental Charges and ledger fee can be deducted on per transactional per month bases
    • Multiple offline charges can be defined on Account type, Currency and Category basis
    • The category is defined on the basis on Period, Balance, and Transaction Type
    • Charges can be deducted at a defined frequency
    • Accounts can be exempted by defining special condition/customer code/ analysis code or transaction code
  • Inter Branch / On-line System

PIBAS Centralized Inter Branch Application facilitates inter branch transaction posting between two branches of a bank. It can be used to perform fund transfer, transfer delivery, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, and encashment of banker’s cheque within different branches. A comprehensive tool is available to monitor all online inter branch activities.

  • Audit & Control
  • A comprehensive audit and control system is available within PIBAS Core
  • User maintenance and its supervision with a complete audit trail
  • Every activity performed by the user is available/reported
  • Every Transaction whether financial or non-financial, can be seen by two individuals (maker / checker concept
  • All cancelled transaction are printed for audit purposes. Limits Audit trails are also available
  • Thorough checks and balance are available for tracking changes
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