Mobile VAS

Corporate MVAS Products

Mobile VAS (Corporate MVAS Products)

Sales Force Monitoring

Sales forces work mobile out of office. Therefore, It is quite a hassle to monitor the sales force activities and to know whether they are working in their designated areas or not.
These services needs to fetch information from bts and might be launched exclusively for Aktel Subscribers


  • The supervisor can track the exact position of their sales team from Information from BTS
  • Supervisor will get notification if the Sales team is out of designated boundary
  • Supervisor can query on specific team or individual
  • Admin Panel
    • Set Boundary and time frame
    • Configure team and phone numbers
    • Generate report


  • Extreme monitoring over sales team
  • Real time Positioning
  • Increases Front End Sales Force Productivity
  • Decrease cost and monitoring effort

Who Can Benefit

  • Banks
  • NGO
  • Insurance
  • FMCG
  • Services
  • Trading
  • Buying house
  • Garments
  • Distribution oriented companies

































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