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SMS Based Customer Support Management System

DNS Customer Support Management System (CSMS) is a powerful, completely configurable and customizable, easy-to-use and out of the box tool for the complete management of all kinds of support functions. The system is designed to help Customers to seek for support conveniently through a single SMS and the management to assign support and resolve issues and automatically manage and track them through to resolution.
CSMS is developed with the combination of a Web based Interface for Management and Administration and a SMS based service through which customers would seek their support

Features and possibilities: (Customer End)

  • Customer will send SMS to a short code (i.e. 7464) with his query
  • SMS from customer will be forwarded in the form of SMS to Designated Department and to the Designated person for support
  • SMS from customer will be forwarded in the form of E-mail to Designated Department and to the Designated person for support
  • SMS from customer will be forwarded in the form of Voice Call to Designated Department and to the Designated person for support
  • Customer will receive a notification message once someone is assigned for support
  • Customer would be charged BDT 2.30 for every SMS


Features and Possibilities: Admin End

  • Support allocation – Who is responsible for the support. Our system would automatically generate SMS/Email/voice Call to the designated person on the basis of the body of the SMS
  • Flagging of expired supports
  • Notes for detailing the issue and the response
  • Multiple notification – many people can be notified for responses for one query
  • User defined filtering – SMS may be filtered by configurable fields to avoid duplication of request
  • User Defined Urgency escalation – SMS may be sent to higher authority after a certain period if not someone is assigned to provide the support.  
  • Monthly reports for review purposes
  • Contact information is stored in the database
  • Reports may be configured or created dynamically and sent to higher authority on a weekly/monthly basis


Customer contact details such as names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers can all be stored in CSMS solution.  Upon receiving an SMS from a customer the support technician can then enter the cause of the problem in a field that is not limited in length. The amount of time taken to respond to the support query and then to resolve the issue is recorded along with descriptions stored in the text fields.  A record is made of who is responsible for the issue.  Details of the customer’s support agreement are held in CSMS and a notification is automatically given if this has lapsed. Reports include lists of support SMS per selected time period and by selected problem type, for example.  In addition, calls may be listed in a further report.
Advantages of CSMS

  • Fully automated Support management System
  • Support convenience for customer
  • Faster response for support
  • Transparent process
  • Fully customized admin panel
  • Track record for further management analysis
  • SMS to SMS support
  • SMS to Email support
  • SMS to Voice call support


CSMS suitable for

  • Medium and large sized Generator company
  • Lift Company
  • Hospitals
  • ISP
  • Banks
  • Bus counter
  • Railway
  • Airlines
  • Hotels



  • Outgoing SMS and calls should be purchased in advance on a monthly basis based on a predicted volume, which would be reconciled at the end of each month
  • Payment for Solution should be made in advance to start the process of customization and implementation
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