Mobile VAS

Corporate MVAS Products

Mobile VAS (Corporate MVAS Products)

SMS Based Inventory Management System

This service is designed for supply chain oriented businesses where the retailers could send message for stock request and the principal can also send information about new product info and inquire stock report. This can be used as a two way communication between manufacturers and retailers.

SMS based Order Collection System

Main Features:

  • Order Booking On SMS by customers.
  • Customer's Mobile numbers are pre-programmed in main server automatic for authentication.
  • Any number of time order booking, cancellation, or change. Different Command for new booking, Edit booking or cancellation of booking.
  • Order by item codes-or name with qty and delivery date & time.
  • Customer can query Item Rates, Stock availability or earliest delivery schedule by simple query message to server.
  • Order confirmation can be transmitted back to customers.
  • Customers pending balance or bill wise amount can be delivering time to time.
  • Increases customer satisfaction. Reduces paperwork. Improves efficiency.
  • Reduction in data errors while taking order over phone.
  • Various Templates can be loaded on customer’s mobile from main server for easy & layman operations.


  • No more receiving of the stock information over Telephone.
  • Dealers can book their Orders , sales figure, inwards qty and current stock qty by sending an SMS through their mobile.
  • Written & authentic information will be taken so No more arguments with your Dealers for wrong information.
  • Reduction in data errors while taking details.
  • Almost on line information to get perfect status.
  • Scheme wise utilization of stock will be known to management.
  • No stock position can be detected easily.
  • Dealers activity date wise will be known to management.
  • Very easy and economical way of data collection.
  • Increases customer satisfaction, reduces delays and improves efficiency.

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