Solution for Bank

Shared online payment gateway

Solution For Bank (shared online payment gateway)


DNS SOPG is a convenient online payment gateway service; it empowers users of bank/financial organization to do transactions from anytime, anywhere. The solution has been innovatively designed to ease the process of online payment. Any bank/financial organization can tag with us and do online transaction as per their need.

SOPG provides the most secure and safest mode of payment for transactions over the Internet/Web. Applications such as amount transfer, on-line ticket bookings, registration payments, admission fee, yearly/monthly/quarterly subscription payments, utility bill payment, on-line shopping; mobile prepaid top-ups and post paid bill payments; amount transfer etc. all can be done comfortably through this payment gateway. Front end application like user interface can be done by us (we have ready solution) or bank/financial organization can use their existing application (if any) or develop or purchase as per it’s requirement and integrate with us, since it has a very user friendly integration module/process.

SOPG at a glance

  • Convenient online payment gateway
  • Offers banks/financial organization to arrange their client to make payment through online from anytime anywhere using our online payment gateway
  • Banks/financial organization’s client can purchase/sale online using our online payment gateway
  • Send money quickly and easily through our online payment gateway
  • Always ON
  • Industry standard security
  • Cost minimization by sharing the same payment gateway to different bank/financial organization

Why would bank/financial organization be interested in this service?

  • No purchase required
  • No implementation expanse
  • No maintenance expanse
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Top hardware used
  • Convenient
  • Secured

Why would your customers/bank user be interested in online payment?

  • Transaction from desk
  • Just need an internet connection and bank account
  • Safe
  • Smartest
  • Available – always ON (24 x 7 x 365)
  • No queue
  • No time wastage
  • No conveyance expanse
  • Payment availability up to user account limit.
  • No hidden costs

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