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Bangladesh BancNet Ltd. offers a convenient payment solution over the web. Online payment gateway is a convenient payment processing service which empowers you to receive payments from anywhere, at anytime. The service focuses on providing the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of 'transaction data' from buyers end to seller. That way, Businesses that accept payments via the Web gain a competitive edge by customers all over the world at very low cost. Payment gateway authorizes payments for e-businesses, or online retailers moreover, an equivalent of a physical Point of Sale (POS) terminal located in most retail outlets. But the Web poses a unique set of payment and security issues, which businesses must address at the outset to capture the wider market. Therefore, our service recognizes and protects client's sensitive information, prevents fraud, encrypts sensitive information such as credit card numbers to ensure total end-to-end security. Therefore, information passing between the client and the merchant is secured.

With Bangladesh BancNet Ltd. you are open for business anywhere regardless of geographical boundaries. Online Payment Gateway offers Bangladeshi merchants an outstanding global platform to enter the digital economy cost effectively.



Featured Services

The features available in the whole system is as follows:

  • Supports all major credit cards & domestic bank transfers (over secured connectivity to the payment processor).
  • Uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology enabling SSL Encryption when exchanging sensitive client information.
  • Multiple and easy payment methods.
  • Merchant login system.
  • Wide ranges of transaction reporting for merchants.
  • Developer friendly gateway integration.
  • Payment failure notification.
  • Advantage of canceling payment.
  • Cross checking of a payment for a purchase from the online store.
  • Payment handling in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).
  • Failsafe system.
  • Provides support to online businesses in setting up merchant accounts.


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