Key Achievements

Key Achievement/Milestone
  • Introduction of off line e-mail system in Bangladesh (1993)
  • Implementation of satellite based Wide Area Network solution for Standard Chartered Bank in a single platform (2001)
  • Automation of BTTB Billing from manual to computerized (2002)
  • Transfer of SWIFT transaction system from SITA to IP (2004)
  • Transfer of GDS system from SITA to IP (2004)
  • Implement Wide Area Network transaction solution for Dhaka Stock Exchange (2005)
  • Implementation of one million transaction capacity Switching Software for biggest ATM and POS network of Bangladesh, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (2006)
  • First government shared Satellite Earth Station in private sector in Bangladesh (2006)
  • One of the winner of WiMax license (2008)
  • IP Telephony license winner (2009)














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